The Orange County Buddhist Church (OCBC) 50th Anniversary Project was a major construction and renovation project upgrading its temple facilities in order to meet the needs of our growing Jodo Shinshu community. Fundraising to support this ambitious $9.3M project began in 2008. In 2013, having raised over $5M of the goal, OCBC began Phase 1 construction of the two-story 12,300 square feet social hall, kitchen, studio and office building. That structure was fully funded and completed in 2014. Fundraising continued in earnest for Phase 2, the renovation of the Hondo and Naijin altar, a new basketball court for the Multi-Purpose Building (MPB) and a new courtyard to integrate the campus facilities.

Phase 2 construction began in August 2016, and all major construction tasks were completed by the end of September 2017 to permit dedication of our renovated Hondo in October 2017. Simultaneously, OCBC reached its fundraising goal of $9.3M to allow full funding of the entire 50th Anniversary Project without need of any loan.

OCBC is humbled and indebted to our sangha and friends, not only for their generous repeated donations,  but also for the time, effort, and support that everyone gave to the numerous organizational fundraisers and events during those many years. The 50th Anniversary Project and Building Fund will continue to accept and acknowledge any future donations and pledge payments. Please be assured the additional monies collected will be retained in the on-going Building Fund to help pay for future facility renovation and maintenance projects of our campus buildings.

As we begin 2018 and pronounce the completion of the 50th Anniversary Project,  we should all be proud of what has been accomplished, knowing that we have added to the legacy left by our founding families and built a solid foundation for the next OCBC generations .

Thank you so much for your support!

The Orange County Buddhist Church
50th Anniversary Project Staff