Donate to OCBC

There are four ways to donate to OCBC:

  • Vehicle
  • Paypal
  • Endowment Fund
  • Stocks


The Vehicle Donation Program is a way for donors to contribute used cars, trucks, vans, mobile homes and boats to OCBC. The program enables donors to help OCBC while receiving a tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the vehicle.  The OCBC Endowment Fund has entered into an agreement with Frank & Harold's Used Cars (F&H) to handle the pickup, removal, sale or disposal of donated vehicles.   Use the attached form below.

These are the steps in the vehicle donation process:

  1. Donor notifies OCBC of desire to donate vehicle in person, or by mail. 
  2. Vehicle donation form or information is turned into OCBC's office.
  3. Office notifies Frank and Harold’s Used Cars (F&H),  providing donor and vehicle information.
  4. F&H mails to donor Release of Liability and Title Release form.
    1. Forms are mailed back to OCBC.
    2. When forms are received at our office, OCBC will notify F&H that forms are in good order.
    3. OCBC will instruct F&H to pick up vehicle.
  5. F&H contacts donor to arrange date and time of pick-up.  Pick up is done at the donor's convenience and at our expense.
  6. F&H picks up vehicle, donor signs off on pick-up form provided by F&H.
    1. donor sign off on pick-up form provided by F&H
    2. donor gives vehicle key to F&H
    3. F&H give donor a receipt acknowledging pickup of vehicle
  7. F&H fax copy of pick-up form within 24 hours to OCBC.
  8. If the vehicle’s value is more than $5000, F&H will arrange an appraisal at no costs to the donor and that information will be provided the donor to substantiate the deduction.
  9. OCBC sends a confirmation and thank you letter to donor that states value of the vehicle.
  10. F&H processes title transfer, all DMV paperwork, and smog check. Again at no cost to the donor.
  11. Vehicle is sold at auction, or sold for parts, and proceeds forwarded to OCBC.